Dexx Power

DEXXON covers all industry sectors as working areas. DEXXON specializes in medical, logistics, recycling, international procurement and trade projects, especially in the energy, foundry, metallurgy, heavy industry, steel, chemical, mining and cement industries.

Dexxon, which has different activities in the electricity sector, has also started to make a name for itself in the field of generators. Our production capacity is quite high in this sector where we have grown together with our partners. We are one step ahead of our competitors in terms of production capacity and diversity. Our company, which always prioritizes customer satisfaction, provides 24/7 technical service to its customers in many parts of Turkey. In terms of export rate, our exports in this area are quite large. Together with our partner, we carry out our work with professional staff in the factory with a closed area of 20,000 m2 and an area of 5,000 m2. With the flexible production system suitable for today's conditions, all kinds of customer demands can be met in the fastest way.

DEXXON's fields of activity are project contracting, construction, energy, casting, technology transfer, procurement and trading activities development company, especially from Europe, Asia and the USA. Our company, headquartered in Istanbul, has offices in Beijing / China, Hong Kong, Dubai, Vienna and Bratislava.DEXXON has partners in EU Countries, Asia, China, USA and South Africa. DEXXON Service Contracts cover a wide range of fields such as industry, agriculture, medical sector, recycling sector, logistics, communication, transportation, energy, steel, casting, construction, light industry, automobile, shipbuilding, mining, aviation industries.